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What do our clients say....


We are a managed services company that values it’s employees as a primary focus to keep our customers happy through long-term relationships with our service team. Cristy and the Rogers Benefits Team have been a lifesaver in terms of navigating the different options for employee benefits. In addition, they have been a monumental help in communicating these benefits in a clear concise manner. We feel that benefits are essential to helping to make sure that we retain all of our talent and keep our employees healthy.




We are a full-service pool construction and maintenance company. The Rogers Benefits Team gives us the dedicated service that we need being a medium-size company. They are an extension of our HR department and could not do it without them. We are an APSP member - The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. We highly recommend Rogers Benefits to all of the members in APSP. 




We are a growing healthcare service company that recruits and retains our nurses through rich benefits at an affordable cost. Cristy's consultative approach in creating a robust benefits portfolio at an affordable cost has enabled us to recruit from large hospitals. In addition she conducts monthly enrollment meetings with one-on-one meetings with our new employees. From start to finish, Cristy and the Rogers Benefits Team makes it easy for us. And, our nurses are excited to be on our team! 




We are a staffing firm with a rolling number of employees.  We are one of the few staffing firms that offer benefits to our team.  Cristy was very creative in designing a level funding plan for us.  It enabled us to offer insurance at the lowest cost and hopefully get money back at the end of the year. The Rogers Benefits Team has an outstanding is response time and getting all of our requests completed quickly.



HR Director 

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